Angry Girl Playlist

So, this is just a fun quickie post.  I'm working on a longer one for later...but I was laughing about this on my run tonight, so I thought I would share.Since I wrote the "I Got Beat by a Girl" post, people have been asking, "So what's on your 'Angry Girl Playlist'...?".  There seems to be a misconception that I'm listening to angry girl singers.  And, while I love me a little Ani Difranco (that's Mr. Ani Difranco to you) she's not on my running mix (although, Alanis makes the cut because she's A.N.G.R.Y.).

Hahaha...I got in SO much trouble for having this CD when I was a kid...

Nope, as a child of the '80's and '90's, I like me a good bit of metal and grunge while I'm pounding the pavement.

Here's one of my favs.

Get some.