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Moderator Interview: 10 Questions with Melinda Sarkis

Melinda Sarkis is a powerhouse: eight time marathoner, FlyWheel/certified yoga instructor, Legacy Lululemon Brand Ambassador and- as an award-winning realtor- always ready to sell you the Boston home of your dreams. We love her laid back approach to wellness and cannot wait to have her moderating our REST panel on April 8th.

Check out our interview below and learn the heartwarming way she got into running marathons, and the one reason you shouldn’t eat broccoli, and the best way to start a wellness journey.  

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How To Change Your Life Without Really Trying

My theory goes something like this: people hate what they have to change so much, they can’t get through the first few weeks of working towards their goal to see they are making real progress. Here’s a list of helpful tips on how to show ultimate kindness to yourself while you’re trying to start a health journey:

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She Geeks Out Podcast

Have you ever met people that you just instantly click with? Like, at a cellular level? Rachel Murray and Felicia Jadszak from She Geeks Out are two of those people. Hysterical, smart, driven and, best of all, they just overall get it. We had an awesome time recording this podcast in my office at Simmons College. We cover topics from fitness to cells dividing, to vitamin D, to yogurt and we wrap it up with personal motivation. And we laugh...a lot. Check it out.

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Mindfulness Blog Tour - Getting Real Food on your Plate

Everyone eats. But not everyone eats food. Less than 25% of Americans get the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables in their diet but the annual sales of dietary supplements exceeds $36+ billion. Perhaps worse, recent studies claim that over 60% of the food we eat is highly processed crap, and that only 2.7% of Americans follow the four pillars of healthful living - eating healthy food, getting enough exercise, maintaining a normal weight and not smoking. TWO POINT SEVEN PERCENT.

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Living Well on Boston Neighborhood Network

I was honored recently to have been a featured guest on Karen Fabian's outstanding show, Living Well, on The Boston Neighborhood Network. The panel included myself, Elizabeth Lawson a holistic minded Physician Assistant from Cape Cod, and Liam Madden from Jubali Juices! It was an awesome discussion about how to avoid the quick fixes, surround yourself by a team of wellness experts and prevention from the inside out! Check it out!

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When East Meets West: Separating Science from Woo

Scientists, dietitians, personal trainers, nutritionists, yogis, exercise physiologists, healers, physical therapists, chiropractors, medical doctors, bloggers. Vaccines, juicing, acupuncture, pesticides, massage, supplements, wine, cleansing, intervals, gluten.How do you know who's right? Doctors? Bloggers? Researchers? Healers?

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